Eight Queens Solution with OpenGL

I have been studying Artificial Intelegence for one semester.

Teacher assigned final report to us last week, and I have deliberated my topic for 4 days..

Finally, I have already decided my topic : Eight Queen Problem (AI : Search Problem)

So I have made this simple works (Download here) using Depth First Search Algorithm


Description of UI Layout

  • Red:Queen
  • Purple:Possible Next Queen location
  • White Transparent:Mouse Location(有淡出效果)

How to Use

  • z:Redraw Board
  • c:Enable or Disable Cheat Mode


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_queens_puzzle
  2. http://bridges.canterbury.ac.nz/features/eight.html
  3. http://spaz.ca/aaron/SCS/queens/ (Require Java Applet Installed)


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